Update: Largehearted Boy has Live 8 downloads posted already. Here’s the selection so far…

Dave Matthews Band: 2005-07-02, Philadelphia [shn]^*
Pink Floyd: 2005-07-02, London [flac]^*
Pink Floyd: 2005-07-02, London (PAL video) [dvd]^*
Pink Floyd: 2005-07-02, London (PAL video) [dvd]^*
Pink Floyd: 2005-07-02, London video [avi]^*
Velvet Revolver: 2005-07-02, London (PAL video) [dvd]^*
The Who: 2005-07-02, London [flac]^*

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bg.jpgSo, I wake up this morning expecting slow trickles of Live 8 coverage until I remember that this massive event is being sponsored like it’s the next X-Games. Over on Yahoo, they’ve got some serious photo roundup already. Even Bill Gates gets more attention just for pretending his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is anything more than a tax write-off…

I’m sure the roundup will start pouring in and it’d be hard for anyone of us bloggers to get it the full coverage it deserves. That being said, let’s all follow the Technorati Live 8 blog, as they’ve got the infrastructure to support it…

And you can watch the LIVE FEED right here

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