My sister loves O.A.R. so I’m definitely more easily persuaded to post this info. I’m not a huge fan, but that’s still no reason not to enjoy streaming an album before it’s released to the public. I love that. Do it!

From LMB friend Staci…

Kicking off September 27th Exclusively on you can stream the brand new O.A.R. album for a full week before it hits the stores! mtvU’s Leak of “Stories of a Stranger” allows you to be the first to hear the album in its entirety, before you can buy it!

You can also catch a sneak preview of the band’s live “Unveil” performances of their new songs on all week long. Check out until Tuesday to watch a different song each day, every day until release! Then on October3rdyou can see the world premiere of “mtvU Unveil:O.A.R” with live performances starting noon (EST). So set the dates in your calendar and be first to catchO.A.R. and their new album “Stories of a Stranger”, exclusively on mtvU and

Here’s the streams for the single “Love And Memories”:
Win: Click here
Ram: Click here
Here’s the pre-order: