daftpunk2013duoLast weekend a handful of poorly edited clips and remixes made the rounds of ’s new song “” and this morning re-posted (page has since been removed) excerpts of the recent interview the French-duo and included what they thought was the real, un-altered studio version. Turns out, it’s just an expertly done faux version of the track. ’s ability to play mind games on the mainstream press, blogs and has boiled to a fever pitch and , even when itself does nothing, even reputable and fully staffed institutions like are taking the fan-made bait. It’s somewhat startling just how much hype surrounds this release – the kind of highly-anticipated lead-up to a single/album we’ve yet to see in the digital era. Check out the version played on a Dutch radio station which matches the track listing on .com. You be the .

UPDATE 4/18/13: MTV News has confirmed that “” will be made available for download at exactly 12:01 a.m. ET on Friday (April 19) and the version played on two radio stations is indeed the radio-. Listen to it below:

UPDATE 4/19/13: “Get Lucky” is now available on Amazon.com as a single; go pick it up!

[MetMichiel] New Music: Daft Punk - Get Lucky (feat. & Nile Rodgers)

[Video via Consequence of Sound]

“The Seventies and the Eighties are the tastiest era for us…”It’s not that we can’t make crazy futuristic sounding stuff, but we wanted to play the past.” – Daft Punk’s Guy-Manuel

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