thrillerThe -based band commonly referred to as Chk Chk Chk will release their fifth album, THR!!!ER, on April 30th and in anticipation of that release, Pitchfork Advance is the entire album for free. If nothing else, check out THR!!!LER‘s third track (and first single), “One Girl / One Boy” which offered up enough hook in the first thirty seconds that I immediately bought to their LA show in June. Vocalist says worked Jim Eno of to “economize their sound…” and make it “more immediate, more honest about our lives. Everything was pushed.”

Check out the full album streaming on Pitchfork Advance the single “One Girl / One Boy” also available below:

- "One Girl/One Boy" from THR!!!ER

Chk Chk Chk will tour the US in May and June hitting most major cities.

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