Link: Photos from The New Mastersounds @ The Indy

Photo by John Margaretten via

I’m way behind on blogging duties on my end, so thankfully I can rely on the rest of the internet to help me catch up. John Margaretten shot the New Mastersounds for JamBase this weekend and got some amazing shots; make sure you check out the rest of his work here. I was at the Saturday night show about second row behind Eddie Roberts, guitarist and “front man” for the band as they perform, and he is quite fun to watch. He opens his mouth wide and shouts to the air whenever the band needs to make a change, and the rest of the band members don’t skip a beat dropping into the next groove. I’ll easily go pay to see these guys whenever they roll through town again.

Funny enough, at the end of the Saturday night gig, they mentioned that they’d love to play High Sierra again but only if we request to have them back. I’m hearing that it’s a bit more about interest and it’s quite a negotiation to get them across that big pond to hang out here on the West Coast for Fourth of July weekend, but based on the buzz coming up around this band after last year’s festival I feel that they’re a lock for High Sierra 2011. At least they should.