Holy Happy Friday! Everyone have a killer weekend!

Hans is podcasting one of STS9’s set from Jam in the ‘Dam 2006. I was in the balcony dead-center for this. Hotness.

Mountain Jam 2006 adds My Morning Jacket to the lineup. Nice.

Ben Harper is going to be appearing on Henry Rollins’ new show on IFC. Tell me again why I don’t have this TiVo’d yet? I love Rollins…

Jazz Fest starts back up again today, and I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of live music going on down there.

The Psychedelic Garage Band World Beat Sound of Toubab Krewe
“Toubab Krewe follows a similar pattern; introduce the band, detail their trips to Africa to study under Malian and Congolese percussion masters and then dissect their interpretation of traditional African and Caribbean melodies as they fuse it with a laidback Western rock influence.” – So true, but my review was more like “uhm these guys rock and I don’t care where the hell they studied music…” I’m keepin’ it real.

KyndMusic.com has redesigned with WordPress as their backend and some crazy RSS feed republishing to create a very slick, new mainpage. Nice work, guys!