Hey, this may only just be a few photos that we have to go on, but this is BIG news for mock jamband fans. just published some photos on his Claypool Cellars Instagram account showing that he was indeed in attendance during this year’s festival out in the Black Rock City desert in Nevada. Having just finished up a busy summer with , it’s good that Les got some time to strip off his clothes and set his aura free.

That may not seem like a big deal, but a long time ago Claypool put out a mock jamband called and basically their first song ever released was an ode to how sick is. It was ridiculous. And quite . Here are some of the lyrics for example:

Come on down with me to burning man.
It’s a fabulous place.
A Fabulous Land.
oooh yeah
Art love love and art art for love.
It’s all about just letting myself be me.


Hey are you going to Burning Man - Live at Festeroo

Deep deep reference, I know, but obviously the caption on the insta clips “Hey are you going to Burning Man” is a perfect throwback to that moment. We’ll update the post if any more clips surface, no word on whether or not he hosted any secret DJ sets.