Tim "Herb" Alexander © Drummerworld.com
Tim "Herb" Alexander © Drummerworld.com
Tim “Herb” Alexander © Drummerworld.com

Quick (and awesome) programming note for anyone that missed this news yesterday; announced via Rolling Stone interview that has moved on from and is going back to work with Bob in while Tim Alexander will be returning to join the band for whatever shows, recording, and whatever. While they haven’t really officially announced anything yet besides going into the studio soon, whatever does next, it’ll be the power trio Les, Ler and Herb.

Primus is excited to welcome legendary drummer Tim “Herb” Alexander back into the band following the departure of . Les, Ler and Tim will head into the studio this November to begin work on the follow up to 2011’s Green Naughayde. Tim will be returning to play New Years Eve at the in . Expect to see plenty more dates to follow in summer and fall of 2014. Tim last performed with Primus at the Music Festival in on August 23rd, 2008.

“Here Comes the Bastards” opened that set, which also coincidentally was just five minutes or so after the first time I ever met our very own Aaron Fortin.

Primus Here Come The Bastards /23/08

Their late night from years ago still gets some play on my Saturday morning designing sessions…

Classics: Primus - My Friend Fats

Very excited about this as a fanboy; ’s drumming style is so in-tune with the Primus I hear in my head and it’s no knock on Jay Lane — he’s a fantastic drummer — but I think Herb sounds like Primus. We’ll keep you posted as news keeps flowing in on what they have next for us.

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