Led Zeppelin to Tour Without Plant!

I remember seeing some rumors posted a while back about the fact that Led Zeppelin was going to return to the stage for a tour and/or a new album to support it, but I’ve never really given too much weight to anything I saw written. It all seemed to be the British tabloids just going overboard on something they know would get easy headlines, but late last night I caught wind that the BBC is reporting that Led Zeppelin is indeed going to return, with or without Robert Plant as the front man. I’m not sure I expected that either.

Rock legends Led Zeppelin are planning to tour and record but without frontman Robert Plant. Bassist John Paul Jones told BBC Radio Devon that a new singer was being sought after Plant ruled himself out.

How can this be anything that fans would even come remotely close to wanting? To go on and suggest otherwise and even suggest that you don’t want to become a “tribute band,” this just seems like weak sauce to me.