On Friday, Led Zeppelin released a simple “Hello.” greeting on their official Facebook page, enough to pique the interest of their 6.5 million followers, especially in light of the fact that it was the first update on the page in nearly 6 months.

Yesterday, when the number ‘five’ popped up, the Internet became abuzz (esp. on Reddit) in rampant speculation about what such a simple posting might mean. It’s no accident that the marketing wizards behind the campaign chose to start this countdown with the number five in light of the fact that Led Zeppelin’s first four albums carried the titles of I, II, III, & IV, knowing how such a simple black-and-white message may be construed and passed along organically by fans to one another. Led Zeppelin doing a bit of viral marketing in 2012, ain’t that something!?

Although today’s ‘four’ is largely indicative of a countdown that will take us to a big announcement probably on Thursday, this is a smart ploy to get people’s hopes up and build a huge amount of anticipation for Thursday.

Over The Hills and Far Away

Led Zeppelin - Over the Hills and Far Away (Live in Los Angeles 1975) (Rare Film Series)

Stairway to Heaven (breaking the “No Stairway rule” from Wayne’s World)

Finally, here’s some funny commentary on this Reddit thread about the announcements:

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My tattoo just became a little more relevant.

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Led Zeppelin on Facebook is just not something that fits comfortably in my reality.

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LOL. I don’t want to think of the bandmembers taking pictures of themselves posing for the bathroom mirror.