Led Zeppelin is now streaming on Spotify

HUGE NEWS: Led Zeppelin is now streaming on Spotify starting today. They’re doing a slow roll-out of the band’s entire catalog The full set of releases will be available by Sunday, December 15th.

From the Spotify blog:

We’re very, very excited to announce that Led Zeppelin is now streaming exclusively on Spotify!

Nearly 45 years after the release of Led Zeppelin – the astonishing debut that catapulted the band to rock superstardom – Led Zeppelin’s legendary catalog is now available to stream on demand for the first time ever, only on Spotify.

We’re releasing two albums per day this week, starting today with Led Zeppelin and its almighty follow up, Led Zeppelin II. By Sunday, December 15, the full Led Zeppelin album catalog will be available to play as often as you like. Follow Led Zeppelin on Spotify now and we’ll let you know as soon as the next albums drop.

Led Zeppelin [Spotify]