The long awaited release of the LCD Soundsystem film/documentary Shut Up and Play the Hits makes is one-evening-only appearance in theaters nationwide on Wednesday July 18th. At this point many of the major cities across the states have sold out for the most part–but there is still hope for the rest of you out there….

Shut Up and Play the Hits – 7/18 Screenings

07/18/2012 Albany, NY Spectrum
07/18/2012 Albuquerque, NM Guild
07/18/2012 Annapolis, MD Harbour 9
07/18/2012 Asheville, NC Fine Arts
07/18/2012 Athens, GA Cine
07/18/2012 Atlanta, GA Landmark Midtown Art
07/18/2012 Austin, TX Alamo Drafthouse Village- SOLD OUT! STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES
07/18/2012 Austin, TX Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar- SOLD OUT!
07/18/2012 Baltimore, MD Landmark Harbor East- SOLD OUT! STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES
07/18/2012 Baton Rouge, LA Rave Mall of Louisiana
07/18/2012 Beavercreek, OH Rave The Greene 14
07/18/2012 Bellingham, WA Pickford Cinema
07/18/2012 Berkeley, CA Landmark Shattuck- SOLD OUT! STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES
07/18/2012 Bethlehem, PA Arts Quest
07/18/2012 Boston, MA Landmark Kendall Square- SOLD OUT! 7/19 SHOW ADDED
07/18/2012 Boulder, CO Boulder Theater
07/18/2012 Brooklyn, NY BAM Rose Cinemas- LTD # OF TICKETS AVAILABLE
07/18/2012 Buffalo, NY Market Arcade
07/18/2012 Burlington, VT Palace 9
07/18/2012 Calgary, AB Commonwealth- 10PM SHOW ADDED
07/18/2012 Charleston, SC Terrace
07/18/2012 Chattanooga, TN Rave East Ridge 18
07/18/2012 Chicago, IL Music Box – 7/23 SHOW ADDED
07/18/2012 Cincinnati, OH Contemporary Arts Center
07/18/2012 Claremont, CA Laemmle Claremont 5
07/18/2012 Cleveland, OH Cedar Lee
07/18/2012 Columbia, SC Nickelodeon
07/18/2012 Columbia, MO Ragtag
07/18/2012 Columbus, OH Rave Polaris 18
07/18/2012 Dallas, TX Angelika Film Center- LTD # OF TICKETS AVAILABLE
07/18/2012 Dennis, MA Cape Cinema
07/18/2012 Denver, CO Landmark Mayan
07/18/2012 Detroit, MI Main Art
07/18/2012 Dubuque, IA Mindframe
07/18/2012 Duluth, MN Zinema
07/18/2012 Durango, CO Back Space Theatre
07/18/2012 Durham, NC Rave Southpoint 17
07/18/2012 Eugene, OR Bijou Art Cinemas
07/18/2012 Fairfax, VA Rave Fairfax Corner 14
07/18/2012 Ft. Collins, CO Lyric
07/18/2012 Ft. Wayne, IN Rave Jefferson Point 18
07/18/2012 Ft. Worth, TX Rave Ridgmar Mall 13
07/18/2012 Grand Rapids, MI Urban Institute Contemporary Arts
07/18/2012 Greensboro, NC Lyndon Street Artworks
07/18/2012 Hartford, CT City Cinema @ Palace
07/18/2012 Honolulu, HI Kahala 8
07/18/2012 Hoover, AL Rave Patton Creek 18
07/18/2012 Houston, TX Landmark River Oaks
07/18/2012 Huntington, NY Cinema Arts Center
07/18/2012 Huntsville, AL Rave Valley Bend 18
07/18/2012 Indianapolis, IN Landmark Keystone Art
07/18/2012 Iowa City, IA Englert
07/18/2012 Ithaca, NY Cinemapolis
07/18/2012 Jackson, WY Pink Garter Theatre
07/18/2012 Jacksonville, FL Sun-Ray Cinemas
07/18/2012 Juneau, AK Gold Town NIckelodeon
07/18/2012 Kalamazoo, MI Rave City Place 14
07/18/2012 Kansas City, MO Tivoli
07/18/2012 Las Vegas, NV Rave Town Square 18
07/18/2012 Lawrence, KS Liberty Hall
07/18/2012 Lincoln, NE Mary Riepma Ross Film Center
07/18/2012 Little Rock, AR Market Street
07/18/2012 Long Beach, CA Art Theatre
07/18/2012 Los Angeles, CA Rave 18- LTD # OF TICKETS AVAILABLE
07/18/2012 Los Angeles, CA Landmark Regent- LTD # OF TICKETS AVAILABLE
07/18/2012 Los Angeles, CA ArcLight Hollywood- SOLD OUT! STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES
07/18/2012 Louisville, KY Rave Stonybrook 20
07/18/2012 Macon, GA Cox Capitol
07/18/2012 Madison, WI Sundance Madison
07/18/2012 Manchester, CT Rave Buckland Hills
07/18/2012 Miami, FL Tower Theater- LTD # OF TICKETS AVAILABLE
07/18/2012 Milford, CT Rave Connecticut Post 14
07/18/2012 Milwaukee, WI Landmark Downer
07/18/2012 Minneapolis, MN Landmark Lagoon- SOLD OUT! STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES
07/18/2012 Missoula, MT Wilma
07/18/2012 Mobile, AL Crescent
07/18/2012 Montgomery, AL Rave Festival 16
07/18/2012 Montreal, QC Phi Centre- TICKETS ON SALE SOON
07/18/2012 Nashville, TN Belcourt
07/18/2012 New Haven, CT Criterion
07/18/2012 New York, NY Landmark Sunshine – SOLD OUT! STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES
07/18/2012 New York, NY Clearview Chelsea- LATE SHOW ADDED
07/18/2012 New York, NY 86th Street East- SOLD OUT! STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES
07/18/2012 Norfolk, VA Naro
07/18/2012 Omaha, NE Film Streams
07/18/2012 Orlando, FL Enzian- MIDNIGHT SHOW ADDED
07/18/2012 Ottawa, ON Mayfair
07/18/2012 Oxford, MS Lyric
07/18/2012 Palo Alto, CA Landmark Aquarius
07/18/2012 Pasadena, CA Laemmle Playhouse
07/18/2012 Peoria, IL Rave Grand Prairie 18
07/18/2012 Philadelphia, PA Rave University 6- LTD # OF TICKETS AVAILABLE
07/18/2012 Phoenix, AZ Harkins Valley Art
07/18/2012 Pittsburgh, PA Manor
07/18/2012 Plano, TX Angelika Film Center
07/18/2012 Pleasantville, NY Jacob Burns Center
07/18/2012 Portland, ME Space Gallery
07/18/2012 Portland, OR Hollywood- LTD # OF TICKETS AVAILABLE
07/18/2012 Providence, RI Cable Car
07/18/2012 Reston, VA Reston Town Center 13
07/18/2012 Richmond, VA Movieland @ Blvd. Square
07/18/2012 Rochester, NY The Little
07/18/2012 Sacramento, CA Crest
07/18/2012 Salt Lake City, UT Tower Theatre
07/18/2012 San Diego, CA Landmark Hillcrest- SOLD OUT! STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES
07/18/2012 San Francisco, CA Landmark Embarcadero- SOLD OUT! 7/19 SHOWS ADDED
07/18/2012 San Francisco, CA Balboa- LTD # OF TICKETS AVAILABLE
07/18/2012 Santa Cruz, CA Del Mar Theatre
07/18/2012 Santa Fe, NM CCA
07/18/2012 Schenectady, NY Movieland 6
07/18/2012 Seattle, WA Cinerama- 10:15 SHOW ADDED
07/18/2012 Silver Spring, MD AFI Silver Theatre
07/18/2012 Spokane, WA Magic Lantern
07/18/2012 Springfield, MO Moxie
07/18/2012 St. Louis, MO Landmark Tivoli
07/18/2012 Stamford, CT Majestic 6
07/18/2012 Toledo, OH Rave Franklin Park 16
07/18/2012 Toronto, ON Bloor
07/18/2012 Tucson, AZ The Loft
07/18/2012 Tulsa, OK Circle
07/18/2012 Vancouver, BC 5th Ave
07/18/2012 Voorhees, NJ Rave Ritz Center 16
07/18/2012 Washington, DC Landmark E-Street – SOLD OUT! 7/26 SHOWS ADDED
07/18/2012 West Chester, OH Rave Westchester 18
07/18/2012 West Springfield, MA Rave West Springfield 15
07/18/2012 Wilmington, DE Theatre N
07/18/2012 Winston-Salem, NC Aperture
07/18/2012 Ypsilanti, MI Rave Ann Arbor 20