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played last night and apparently got a little chatty on stage, specifically bringing up their new album at one point and saying it’s “done” or something. Also something about “knocking it out of the park”.

So that’s cool.

It seems to me as though they’re still regaining their footing the new shows and the new singles they put out, although they did immediately get to debut those two new tracks live to a national studio audience.

But I’ll be honest, I wasn’t totally floored the new material. 😳

If you want to asterisk away an entire band’s new creative output with “well, I guess it’s good that they’re back…” even though the shows or any part of the aesthetic has actually progressed past where they left off, go right ahead. But I’m a bit weary of the new vibe we’re seeing and sorta hopeful they get over themselves a bit, get out of their comfort zones and start making some new progressions.

Let’s hope the new album delivers. My Comic Book Store Guy alter ego is just itching to blog my distaste!


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