So I’m doing some late-night listening here — hey, sometimes I just don’t feel like hittin’ the sack so early on a Saturday night — and I came across a radio show I never knew existed: Bob & Ron via 105.9 WCKG.

The Bob & Ron show is based here in Chicago, runs in the late-night slot on Saturday nights (midnight to 5AM), and features a ton of great live music. It looks like the first few hours is called “The Phishing Report,” so Phish Friday fans will find plenty to work with there. But they continue to play great tunes until 5AM.

They’re currently cracking me up with a version of the show based loosely on a “tax-season” theme. Phish’s “Fluffhead” is on and the tax connection is apparently the “banker” with the “powerful pills.”

I love making discoveries like these, especially when they are Chicago-themed, and of the latenight variety. I honestly don’t listen to the regular old radio quite enough.

There’s still plenty out there, I guess you just have to find it.

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