Well, at least they will be new to me!

Yep, that’s right folks, as Justin recently mentioned, I’ll be headin’ down to Florida for the extravaganza that is ! And just over a week until it begins, I’ve been starting to get some pre-show butterflies of excitement. One I’m especially excited about is the possibility of checkin’ out a bunch of bands that I’ve never experienced in the setting.

So, here’s a run-down and a musical sampling of a just a few of the bands I’m siked to see next week in Florida…

A couple in the Indie Rock vein…

New Pornographers
The New Pornos have been an obsession of on of my good friend’s for a while . But for some reason, I had been reluctant about grabbin’ their until recently. I finally made good use of my eMusic subscription and checked out a few choice cuts (thanks Tim!). And I already seein’ the light. The multi-vocal choruses, interesting dynamics, and familiar pop hooks make me feel like I’ve been listening to New Pornos for a while. But it’s all interesting enough to keep a jam-hungry kid like me enthused. It’ll be tough not to get sucked into the familiar southern jam-rock of Widespread (which might just happen), but I’d really like to give this band my individed attention.


Band of Horses
I keep seein’ this band’s name all over the Indie blogosphere. My initial impression was that they were just a product of (a la Tapes’n Tapes for me) and I might not dig them when it came down to just me and my . I don’t even think I liked this tune “Funeral” when I first heard it. But like the good listener I , I gave BOH another try,and starting to dig what I hear. I don’t really know how to describe this …which is why I think I’m so curious about their show. The lead vocals me the high-pitched reverby yelps of say, Perry Ferrel, but it’s much less psychadelic and more sincere. As I said, difficult to describe, but no less intriguing. We’ll see.


Of the jammier variety…

Perpetual Groove
Justin recently re-invigorated my interest in these guys. For most of the last few years, I’ve heard them mentioned (and occasionally hyped by some southern jam-kid), but I never gave them much of fighting (too much other great music to be had and too little time?). But I recently popped a few tunes onto the old and they’ve been grabbin’ more of my attention. I am not a convert by any means, but if these boys can rock out the psychadelic atmospherics — like I’ve heard from their 11-8-06 or shows — then I think I’m in…


Artists with an “International” flare

Toubab Krewe
These guys have been hyped quite a bit by the “headier” music sites, including this one (in fact, I think Justin may have developed a slight obsession). But they’ve also gotten some more mainstream coverage too.

I think there’s a good reason this band is really starting to get some play. These guys have picked up on a new — dare I say, “ethnic” — sound, taking from the West African tradition, adding some cool instrumentation (mainly the Kora), but also doing a bit of the improv-jam . It’s catchy, groovy, and quite titillating to the ear. Also, you gotta hand it to them for recently venturing all the way to Mali to study up on the traditional West African sounds they try to emulate. I only hope they can live up to the hype. (here, I’ve included Blog’s 32nd ; details available here)


Rodrigo & Gabriela
For some reason, the Indie music blogs have grabbed hold of this Mexican guitar duo (that happens to be based in Ireland of all places). They have really been takin’ off over the past year and landed a spot on (known best for MMJ, , , and )….And for good reason, they sound great!

Back in 1999, I spent six months in Spain –which included a brief attempt at learning Flamenco guitar — so I have a sweet spot for this kind of sound. But this is not Paco de Lucia. These two play songs with more bite, more pep, and more rock! In fact, part of what has gotten them a lot of play is their penchant for re-working hard rock classics from the likes of to . But it’s not just the novelty that makes them special, but the fast finger-picking and rhythmic drumming on the body of the guitar that blend together into an amazing sound. I predict that these two will really impress folks down in Florida and surprise the hell out of some unsusepcting jam-kids. As much as I love , I’m checkin out these two guitaristas….sorry Toots!


By the way, have you ever heard a “Stairway to Heaven” quite like this?

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