Bay Area Sound Engineer Accidentally Dosed By LSD While Repairing Vintage Synthesizer

Well this story is going to be burning up your news feeds today, no doubt. Especially if you’re a Grateful Dead fan or have a few San Francisco fans in your midst. Or perhaps you’re a fan of electronic music. Or maybe you’re tripped acid a few times. Don’t worry, this is a safe space for you either way.

And honestly, this story delivers on all of the above in spades. “It turns out, Eliot, was indeed, tripping on LCD!”

Juliette Goodrich reports on the inadvertent LSD experience a KPIX engineer had from drug residue on a vintage analog synthesizer (5-21-2019)

The synth in question is a Buchla and you really just need to watch the video below.

Check out the clip below.

Okay, if you want to keep reading, the gist is as follows…

If you’re given the chance to take apart a vintage synthesizer designed by Donald “Don” Buchla, you better be careful if you come across a little crystallized substance that’s attached to one of the modules in the synthesizer. Otherwise, well, 45 minutes later you may be taking yourself for a little journey through space rock on your own little flight. Suzanne Ciani who is an early pioneer in synthesizer music makes an appearance in the video.

What a perfect five minute local news piece. And you’ve got to hand it to the guy that may as well be the Ron Burgundy in the end of it all, throwing the sound guy under the bus by saying that they talked to a local acid expect who said it would be “plausible.” Kudos for that hilarious on air backhanded compliment, boyo.