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Khruangbin just played tonight at the legendary Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York, and after the show they delivered for their headlining set, there is no doubt they’ll be welcomed back for a multi-night run in the future.

The band spontaneously delivered and played their latest big LP breakthrough Con Todo El Mundo in full front-to-back for their main set as part of the show.

But that wasn’t enough for the band on its own, so for the “encore” section after a break, the band came out and played their national debut of The Universe Smiles Upon You, the album that most of my friends got turned onto and became an instant classic for us.

Wow. I hope there’s a recording.

Check out the setlist (i.e. LP tracklists below)…

Khruangbin @ The Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY 6.19.19

Cómo Me Quieres
Lady and Man
Maria También
August 10
Cómo Te Quiero
Shades of Man
Evan Finds the Third Room
A Hymn
Friday Morning

Mr. White
Two Fish and an Elephant
Dern Kala
Little Joe & Mary
White Gloves
People Everywhere (Still Alive)
The Man Who Took My Sunglasses
August Twelve
Balls and Pins

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