Karl Denson is Touring With The Rolling Stones in Australia and New Zealand

You always wonder if an artist has a good excuse to announce that they need to cancel some shows, but the announcement from Karl Denson today wins in the “best excuse ever for a musician” department — getting called up to the big leagues ala The Rolling Stones. He is postponing his upcoming dates with his Tiny Universe project to join the rock legends down in Australia and New Zealand on their 14 On Fire tour. That is no trivial excuse at all.

“It’s the opportunity of a lifetime, the chance to see the world through a giant pair of lips,” says Denson about his upcoming shows with The Rolling Stones. “It’s going to be amazing to get even closer to this music that I have listened to all my life.”

He’ll be joining a horn section that includes longtime band collaborators Bobby Keys and Tim Ries, who has been on board with Stones for a while now. Huge opportunity for the sax-and-flute man we all love, and it’s definitely a proud fan moment to see a super talented musician getting to play with his idols after years of hard work and grinding through the music.

14 on fire