Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and hopefully you’re waking up this morning singing one of the verses to the Beyonce / Jay Z sex-jam “Drunk In Love”, off the album Beyonce dropped late last year. “We woke up in the kitchen…” would be a good start to anyone’s morning, if you ask me. And that track got hella attention yesterday when not one, not two, but three different mega-producers dropped their remixes to the song.

Kanye West got his hands on the Beyonce / Jay Z jam first, adding a verse about “she a MILF and he a mutherf*cker” and casually mentioning that she should reverse that cowgirl because he’s not a pastor. MTV has a write-up on the track that breaks the lyrical content down for you.

Detail originally produced the track and added some flow to it and a few extra measures in this remix.

Finally, Diplo dropped his remix probably after spending some time on an airplane producing on his way to play Sonar Festival in Reykjavik.