Kamasi Washington Cuts Vienna Show Short After Security Assaulted His Father

Pitchfork is reporting today that Kamasi Washington had to cut his set entirely short (after only one song played) last night in Vienna as the result of a security guard roughing up his father, who is also a member of the band.

Damn, awful to see.

His drummer shared a bit of context and the speech video on Instagram.

Immediately you can see the audience react knowing how serious it was. Ugh.

The venue will issue refunds, and this is the statement they shared on Facebook (translated poorly via Facebook below).

Dear Kamasi fans, dear guests, dear arena supporters,

In the beginning, we would like to apologize honestly and sincerely for the incidents of yesterday evening. Especially with the guests present, who have been brought around an evening full of joy and unity. It should have been a nice feast and we have shared the anticipation with all those who were looking forward to the visit of kamasi Washington.

It is important to us that we can also represent our view of the incidents.

The band alongside crew has been in the arena Vienna since the morning and it was worked together in a relaxed atmosphere on the show. The stage, as well as sound & light were prepared and the sound check was held. One of the usual points in the preparation of a concert production is the setting of the breaking. Both in the hall as well as the bakery area. This happens in consultation with the band. So also yesterday. For this purpose, a so-called “pass sheet” is made, on which all tour passes, laminates or bracelets used on the day / evening are recorded and their meaning.

Before Entry, this is discussed with the local security crew, so that there are no problems from the entrance and no people get into areas for which they do not have a scheduled pass etc. Have. This happens on request and for the protection of artists so that neither their privacy nor their safety can be endangered.

Shortly after 19:00 H (the invitation time to the concert), the father of kamasi Washington wanted to enter the hall via public access. The security employee at the entrance denied him the entrance because he could not show a passport, id or access permission. This is what he reacted very blustery and screaming at the employee at the door and called “stupid punk ass bitch” Security can’t make every musician or musician. Know or recognize every tour member. That is why it is required to pay attention to the access rights: no ticket or a tour pass etc. Means No entrance.

Unfortunately, the situation has gone high and both parties have become unnecessary loud. After a 10-minute conversation and multiple attempts to enter the hall, a mutual inspiration came between kamasi Washington’s father and an arena security employee. No people were beaten or injured and no one fell.

In the following discussion and in discussions between kamasi Washington, the tour manager, as well as the manager of the organizer “Barracuda music” and the arena Vienna, the father said that he expected an apology from the security and that he would be willing to take off the incident in the event . Kamasi Washington has also requested that the relevant security employee of the site should be moved.

There was an apology from the security employee and after a short service meeting, the employee left the site.

This unfortunate incident finally resulted in the band no longer wanting to play the planned performance and played only one song after a short explanation on stage.

Structural racism is a problem. In our even shorter past, we have always stood up against racism, sexism and fascism. We have created a reputation as a location, which is considered to be clearly anti-fake. Nevertheless, of course, we are not against accusations of acting with racist motives. The incidents are very sad for us. For us, the processing of the incident counts. Especially internal. As An Association, the critical self-flexibility is very important to us.

The visitors of the concert will receive the ticket money from the organizer at the respective pre-sales point.

In addition, the arena Vienna will donate the entire cash turnover of yesterday evening to a charity organization.

We regret the events about the cancelled concert and we would like to apologize to all people!