Justin Bieber Had Bieber Fever, Puked Onstage Last Night

Via Hypervocal

Not even sure this even qualifies as ‘news’ but it’s a Sunday morning on the West Coast so what the hell… At any rate, you’d think Bieber’s days on Phish tour would’ve hardened him into a crusty old vet with the stomach of a well-salted sailor, but last night at Biebs’ tour opener in Glendale, Arizona, his knotted stomach seemed to get the best of him, interrupting the show for a hot minute to lay out some backstage catering for his crowd of adoring fans to see. Midway through “Out of Town Girl,” Biebs took a short intermission to make a call on an invisible porcelain telephone, dancers remained unfazed.

Perhaps new lighting director Chris Kuroda’s (aka CK5 aka The Master of the Dark Skies) head-spinning visuals through Biebs’ gut into spin cycle? Notably, the lockstep intensity of the dance team whilst Justin spewed makes me think that Bieber runs a similar fine-system for his team as the great Godfather of Soul. After all, the show must go on… Check out JB’s hurl-age below. Also, must give kudos to Biebs for the puke-and-rally to finish off the show.

[Via Hypervocal]