Hey friends in LA, looks like one of my favorite bands at the moment is making a stop through your city on their way over to Japan for the . Hey everyone else, is playing on Monday.

plays at Amoeba Music and signs copies of their latest album Gloss Drop (out now on ). The show will also be viewable LIVE on Amoeba.com!

They’ve played before, too, but not since the band has become a three-piece and toured in support of this latest album, Gloss Drop. Given what I’ve heard about our Far East friends, the band will be welcomed with opens arms and likely get a solid response when they bust into “Sundome,” that final track on Gloss Drop featuring Yamantaka Eye (from the Boredoms)…

Haven’t heard the album yet? I’m talking about this final track…

Battles - "Sundome" @ 05/02/11

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