Jon Fishman Pushing For Ranked-Choice Voting in Maine, Join Him in Portland Tomorrow

Go get ’em, Fish!

The drummer from the jam band Phish is helping collect signatures with a goal of overturning a legislative delay on ranked-choice voting in Maine.

Fishman will be at Bayside Bowl on Sunday in Portland.

I have this new fantasy as a Phish fan, and that is basically I see fans do everything they can do to help Fishman push a solid Bernie-esque agenda forward will help the progressive state of politics in this country. I don’t want to firmly pick a side with everything he proposes — no smart man would — but this seems pretty like a pretty simple yes in terms of local policies. Would you support your local candidate FORCING the rest of the legislature to just learn to compromise and actually push through the hard work of getting a proposal written that will help the voting systems in the state? Seems like a pretty easy yes to me.

He’s quoted in the article as saying “Mainers have spoken ‘loudly and clearly'”. Read more here or go out and support him on Sunday!