Go, Fish!

Lincolnville voters elected Jonathan Fishman and Josh Gerritsen to two open seats on the Lincolnville Board of Selectmen, and by large margins approved the creation of a new fund for wastewater treatment and changes to harbor ordinances.

Fishman received 356 votes and Gerritsen received 370 votes, securing the three-year position on the board. Sandy Delano received 227 votes. Fishman is the drummer for the band and is owner of the soon-to-be open Lincolnville General Store. Gerritsen is a filmmaker and this is his second run for the Lincolnville board.

Yep, this guy.

Also this guy.

This guy, too.

Don’t forget about this guy, also…

I mean, say what you will about the truly silliest member of , the man has also really become a different person as he’s grown up. He’s all of the above, but also plenty of the below…

Still mostly this guy, though…

Congrats to . How cool to see that he’s actually backing up his political bent and really starting at the local level to get something done. It’s a beautiful thing when we see the band members take such pride in their side projects and what they do in the off season.