is planning on joining his buddy for his first experience ever, the show at Garden in City. So, basically…he’s a Deadhead now, it’s official. I’m sorry, I don’t make the rules.

Everyone knows that seeing your first show is only the beginning of a wonderful fandom experience with the scene, one that you often see newbies not even fully comprehend until they get on their first lot. It’s still full of menace in the best way possible, and the Garden shows always bring a special energy out of the band. So Fallon will be getting his first taste of the band at their best.

In preparation for this momentous event, he sent out a tweet to Dead fans asking for a “must listen list” … which is basically hilariously overwhelming and he’s probably going to get a bazillion DM’s and tweets about what the best version of “Althea” is.

That said, let’s show him what good fans do listen to.

Let’s get him a crispy Barton Hall copy pronto!

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