Jim James Injured After Taking ‘Off the Record’ Too Far | Chicago Shows Postponed

Jim James | My Morning Jacket @ SXSW 2008

When I first heard that news that Jim James accidentally fell off the stage during “Off the Record” at their Iowa City concert on Tuesday night, for some reason I didn’t think it was a really big deal. I thought this kinda thing happens to JJ quite a bit considering how crazy he is on stage regularly, but then the news got a bit more serious and something that no one should really take lightly. It turns out this little spill forced the show to get canceled halfway through with a doctor ordering the frontman off the road for a couple weeks while he heals up. This means that the Chicago shows got canceled (or postponed) along with the Obama benefit in Louisville and the solo show at Schubas. Major bummer for the Chicago fans in the house, including Greg Kot, I’m sure…

Injuries suffered by singer Jim James in an accidental fall while performing have forced My Morning Jacket to cancel two concerts scheduled Thursday and Friday at the Chicago Theatre, the band announced Wednesday.

James fell off the stage while performing Tuesday in Iowa City and “suffered traumatic injuries to his torso,” the band said in a statement. The singer was treated at a hospital and released, but ordered off the road for two to three weeks to recover from his injuries. Also wiped off the docket were solo concerts James was supposed to perform Wednesday at Schubas and next week in Louisville to benefit presidential candidate Barack Obama.

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