It was 32 years ago tonight when a national television audience got to see a real test of ’s acting ability. 😂

The were in City and had a night off to stop by , so and Bob stopped by the show to hang out and jam. Following a hilarious backstage piece with Letterman and Garcia to start the show, you’d notice them jamming with the band and get a hefty intro from band leader . They were playing a small little club somewhere in town called supporting their recent release In The Dark, he says. Pretty .

The “When I Paint My Masterpiece” that follows is fantastic, featuring Jerry and Bobby fronting a smaller Late Show band full of the studio wizards that Shaffer relied on for years. Then when sitting with Letterman they chatted about their new release, the Garden, their Egypt shows and a bunch of other entertaining miscellany.

Check it out below.

Garcia & on Letterman 9-17-1987, , NY (LoloYodel)

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