Jeff Tweedy helping to produce White Denim’s Next Album

In an exclusive interview with Relix Magazine, White Denim’s James Petralli announced the band has been working with Wilco-frontman Jeff Tweedy at his Chicago studio (The Loft) on their next album. According to the story White Denim have already recorded two full tracks and hope to send over more soon. The Austin-based band made a huge splash in 2011 with their experimental rock album D and have already announced a few shows including Mountain Jam, Wilco’s Solid Sound Festival and the High Sierra Music Festival. Pertralli credits their time opening for Wilco last year as a huge influence over the course they’ll be taking with their live show in the future. You’ll want to check out the full interview.

“I had this Tom Petty-ish song which Tweedy totally turned on its head” – White Denim guitarist James Petralli

In related news, Jeff Tweedy’s main squeeze, Wilco will offer a free webcast tomorrow (April 3rd) from their show in Sydney at the Opera House. You’ll have to get up pretty early though — 3:30am PST/6:30 am EST. You’ll be able to watch it over at

Header Photo from White Denim Music.