Jeff Goldblum @ Arroyo Seco Weekend 6.24.17 © Jim Brock/LIVE music blog

Jeff Goldb has announced he will be releasing a jazz album on the famed .

Reportedly the label execs actually spotted him accompanying on British television, so they immediately got to LA to meet with him and probably discuss how awesome and brilliantly charming he is.

We are thrilled to announce the amazing Jeff Goldb has joined the family!

Posted by Decca Records on Wednesday, May 30, 2018

No official details have been released besides the fact that it’s happening, and with news like this it’s great to see that the jazz world is getting a great resurgence of popular attention. And you know he played Arroyo Seco with the , which our friend Jim Brock was able to shoot and bring back these great photos of the pianist.

Jeff Goldb @ Arroyo Seco 6.24.17 © Jim Brock/LIVE music blog