Last night at Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, famed guitarist Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart played their first show together in many years and gave the crowd a set of thrills when Beck joined Stewart for his full encore of five songs to close out the show.

The duo locked in on “I Ain’t Superstitious” by Willie Dixon before deciding to bust out a song from one of the bands these two used to play with, The Grateful Dead, somehow finding a bit of a disco groove in the classic “Morning Dew” written by Bonnie Dobson and made famous by the Dead. Then “Rock My Plimsoul,” an old one via Jeff Beck Group, “Blues Deluxe” and “People Get Ready” from The Impressions to finish off the show.

Scroll down for some videos of the sit-in and here’s the setlist…

I Ain’t Superstitious

I Ain't Superstitious (clip) Jeff Beck w/Rod Stewart & Curt [email protected] Bowl 27 Sept 19

Morning Dew

Rock My Plimsoul

Blues Deluxe

People Get Ready