JazzFest in the Blueroom and on Twitter

Speaking of JazzFest, the AT&T Blueroom is going to be webcasting select portions of the festival this weekend, May 3-4. It starts at 2pm EST.

Also, I don’t see too many of you folks using Twitter these days — it’s a tool that the tech crowd is obsessed with but music fans haven’t fully adopted yet — but Andy Gadiel and I seem to really like it. He got crafty the other day and put together a JazzFest group dedicated to the people that are down at the festival. In short, once you’re signed up with Twitter, it allows you to send an SMS message to an address that will ping each and every other person subscribed to the group. Imagine the functionality of Google Groups but for your cell phone. Can you see how powerful this would be at a music festival? It’s huge. Kudos to Andy for continuing to hack together a better music scene.