Jazz Fest Night Shows: Videos from Weekend 1

STS9 "Sector 9" @ Jazz Fest 2012 - Mardi Gras World - 4/27/12

Grateful Feat @ New Orleans – 4/27/12 || Photo by Jimmy Grotting

Weekend 1 has been amazing thus far and perhaps even more jam-packed with late night goodness than ever with the addition of the Jazzfest Series and an embarrassment of live music riches on Friday and Saturday night. We’ve got a ton of coverage already up on the home page from Friday and a whole lot more on the way over the next couple of weeks so stay tuned for more. This post will be updated as more fan videos pop up on Youtube, but please don’t hesitate to send us a message on the contact page if you see something you think should be included here.

Grateful Feat @ – 4/27/12 || Photo by Jimmy Grotting

Enjoy the videos below and if you haven’t peeped the Grateful Feat videos just yet, I strongly recommend giving them a look. Great sound quality and some type-A Jerry transcendence from on Friday night. If you’re ever thinking you can’t make it out for a this week, remember this level of live music madness and special collaborations only comes around once a year so get out there.

@ – Inspire Strikes Back

@ Tipitina’s Uptown – Let The Good Times Roll

STS9 @ Mardi Gras World – Saxton Lighting Designer Earning His Keep As Per Usual

Lil Band O Gold @ Parish Room

Grateful Feat – The Other One

And for good measure, here’s one of the Midnight Disturbers from :