Jason Hann of The String Cheese Incident Shares Special Veterans Day Message

Today is Veterans Day, a day to honor our armed service veterans. Earlier today, Jason Hann (percussionist for The String Cheese Incident and EOTO) shared a special message about his service in the Navy through SCI’s Facebook page. Check it out below and thanks to all who have and continue serve our nation!

Message from Jason (via SCI Facebook)

Happy Veterans Day. Not many people know but I served in the Navy from 1987-1991 as Interior Communications Second Class. I met so many incredible people during that time.

I grew up fast, going in as a 17 year old boy, having immediate responsibility for the safety of my shipmates, and coming out 4 years later as a man ready to take on whatever life threw at me.

Talk about a crash course in technical and life skills. Drank with Russian sailors in Japan as the Cold War ended. Had shouting matches with my superiors trying to keep my co-workers in safe working environments . Around the clock watches and emergency ship repairs at sea from the Engine Room to the mast, dangerously high above the deck during rough seas. Fighting fires that broke out on the ship. Tossed by Typhoons in the Pacific Ocean that took shipmates’ lives.

Organizing a ship’s band to play for “fun” days at sea. Watching an entire ocean “bubble” as far as you could see, as thousands of porpoise herd and play with their tuna prey near Equador. Serving under Captain John Pine (RIP), who came aboard and turned our ship from the the worst to the best ship in the fleet – one of the finest people I may ever meet.

Heard countless late night stories of the treatment and permanent physical and mental trauma of veterans serving in Vietnam. Kept in touch with others who have served in wars since.

These veterans have seen unfathomable realities of human carnage, cruelty, and compassion from enemies and alies alike. Some can no longer sleep with their memories. Some can no longer relate to civilian life. These are the people who trust that the orders of Generals and our President keep our country safe. The political realities of their missions sometimes betray that trust.

Please keep them in your thoughts today for their eventual safe journey home to their families and friends. The best way we can honor those that prepare and serve in war is to appreciate and strive more than ever towards peace and love.

The String Cheese Incident returns to the stage on December 29th for the first of three nights at the 1STBANK Center.