LCD Soundsystemā€™s James Murphy Cancels Dekmantel & Meltdown Despacio Sets Due to Family Emergency

LCD Soundsystem James Murphy Family Emergency
LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy doesn't often cancel a gig so hopefully the situation is on the ups Ā© Fassbinder Photography

James Murphy was scheduled to be the special surprise DJ to close out the Selectors stage at Dekmantel last weekend but it looks like something serious came up at the last minute. šŸ˜¢

Coming up this weekend, he was also booked to perform with Soulwax for their Despacio experience at Meltdown this weekendā€¦ and unfortunately couldnā€™t make that one either. Dang. This is the soundsystem he helped create.

Weā€™re sending healing vibes and good spirits his way.

Hope itā€™s nothing too serious. ā¤ļø