JamBase has put some finishing touches on their MyJamBase profiles feature (think MySpace for heads) and Andy’s published his thoughts over on his blog

Yeah, it’s kinda like some of those other social media/networking/lifestyle sites except I like to say that your MyJamBase Friends are people you actually know and go to shows with in the real world as well as the whole purpose of this is to get people to actual leave their computers and hang out in real life. Crazy concept, I know.

Andy and I have had a few exchanges recently regarding this new service and I think it’s pretty slick. Check out my MyJamBase profile here


Go on and check it out yourself, and make sure you give Andy all the feedback he needs to get this baby improved and running strong!

Update: I forgot that I had setup a Live Music Blog JamBase group a while back when I was poking around with the alpha release. Feel free to join up with us on JamBase once you set your own public profile and feel free to drop your thoughts on this in the comments.