Lately, it has completely seemed like a lot of the jamband scene has gotten stale. It doesn’t seem like anyone is really trying to blow the roof off and create that something that’s completely different yet so undeniably a sweet jamband.

I have to say that I worry slightly for the future of the scene. There will always be heads that are willing to flock to the nearest weekend tent city. I just don’t see that right now because it has recently become Christmas season in Chicago. Although, we can all easily look forward to New Year’s Eve in the city, there’s not much to look forward to after that here until the weather starts working it’s way into spring.

I can say that I’m wildly excited about the possibility of playing in Chicago for bands that I admire. I think I just might be afforded that option with my new jam partners, Herbert Wiser Band. I’m in the process of redesigning the webpage as I type. And, all of this will be insanely new to me, as high school was the last time I’ve played in front of a crowd. I’ll feel then as if the whole scene has changed. Suddenly, everything will be new to me.

Maybe, we should revisit this then. I believe that the scene is definitely going to depend on a new powerhouse, as cliched as that discussion has recently become. Every media outlet is leaning towards Umphrey’s McGee, while some Widespread Panic loyalists are sure that their March, 2005 return will be as triumphant as ever. I’m going to download some WSP right now. Let’s raise our glass to the future of the scene tonight, and figure out if the scene is set for a return in the concert season of 2005.

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