An important announcement from our friends at the Jam in the Dam:

After much feedback from the fans, we have come to the very difficult decision to consolidate the two weeks of Jam in the Dam. Please understand that this event is unlike any ever undertaken, and as such, presents new challenges, but also new opportunities for improvement.

After last year’s smashing success, and the camaraderie built up while there, splitting the shows and bands over two weeks turned out to be a less desirable situation for many folks. People that wanted to see both Umphrey’s McGee and the Disco Biscuits, were forced to choose, as they simply could not afford to stay away for ten days. The last thing we want to do was take a very special show, and detract from it in any way. This festival is here to stay, and whatever it takes to make it better, will be done.

What we plan to do:

The Eerste week show will now no longer take place. The Disco Biscuits will move to the Tweede week, and take the place of North Mississippi Allstars on the bill.

The bill for Jam in the Dam 2006, March 19-20-21, is now as follows:

Umphrey’s McGee
The Disco Biscuits
Sound Tribe Sector Nine
Benevento/Russo Duo

The edict continues:

We apologize profusely to the fans of NMA, as well as Yonder Mt., Galactic, and the New Deal. This was not an easy decision. Stay tuned, but there may be a show at the Melkweg on Saturday March 18 with one or more of these bands.

Accommodations to ticket holders:

Anyone who bought a ticket is entitled to a full refund. Anyone who bought a pass good for both weeks, will be refunded the difference between what they paid, and what the one-week pass was selling for at the time, if they still wish to attend. Anyone who bought a ticket to just the Eerste week, may simply use it to attend the show the next week, if they so choose.

We are grateful to all the fans who helped this year’s show sell-out four months in advance, and hope that by maintaining the intimacy and unique nature of Jam in the Dam, we will have taken the necessary measures to insure that this festival remains the best way to spend three days seeing your favorite artists in an unparalleled atmosphere.

We’re sure there will be many questions, and please address those to: [email protected]

We will do our best to answer everyone in a timely manner. Thanks for your understanding, see you in March!

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