Jam in the ‘Dam Video

The people that brought you Jam in the ‘Dam have put up a video capsule of the 2005 concerts on their website. It’s not too long, but it’s pretty cool and makes me excited about the prospect of flying out there for next year’s festival at the Melkweg.

Enjoy! “Cinovative has put the finishing touches on the Video Capsule from March, and it looks awesome. We’re sure the DVD will be even better, when it becomes available. Check it out at the website and jog some sweet memories, or get a taste of what you missed. They did an amazing job at capturing the mood and feel of the event. Maybe you’ll even make a surprise appearance if you were there.”

And, folks, “don’t forget, presales for 2006 start at Noon ET on June 29th at both http://www.walthertix.musictoday.com and http://jaminthedam.com.”

For more on this year’s and next year’s gatherings, see: Jam in the ‘Dam 2006: It’s On and Disco Biscuits Downloads from Jam in the Dam