Jam in the ‘Dam 2006 to be Announced Shortly

Update: Click here for the updated news post on Jam in the ‘Dam 2006.

From the Jam in the ‘Dam mailing list…

Hope you are enjoying the spring. Birds flying north, planes flying to Amsterdam, all sure signs of Spring!

We are in the process of finalizing the bands for the 2006 edition of Jam in the ‘Dam. There is one BIG surprise (not one of the acts) coming. That’s all we’ll say, but next year will be very interesting.

We plan to make the announcement on June 6th, and will start to spread the word at Bonnaroo. Also, around that time we will have a short form video up on the website, done by Cinovative, who shot the DVD footage. Maybe you’ll see yourself. Tickets should be available in late July, same as last year.

Thanks for listening, and start spreading the news!

One big surprise huh? This is going to be sweet…

Let’s start speculating…does anyone have the inside scoop here? I’d love to have any sort of idea of what they could do here; venue change? Not likely. They prided themselves so much on the Melkweg and it’s legendary status. More than three days? These are not the surprises that they plan on announcing. They’re just not big enough to satisfy all the heads that need their ear-urinating satisfaction.

I need to figure this out before they announce it. It’s my density.

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