Woah, sorry for the silence around here, folks. Life has been wonderfully busy in my world, and I’ve had no time to digest all the awesome year-end stuff that’s coming out now. But more important to me looking back on 2011, I need to get on previewing the awesome year ahead in live music now that 2012 is well within our sights.

The first thing we’ll obviously have an eye on in 2012 is the annual music festival, the sold-out floating music festival for funk, untz, groove and jam lovers. But the weekend before, the same boat will be departing for the ! festival, a strictly untz, whomp and floating event. Look at the lineup they have planned:

! 2012 Full Artist

Tommy Lee & DJ Aero

Dave Anda

Arthur Baker

They’ve already got the posted and it’s not sold-out like is, so maybe it’s worth a visit if you like the womp in your life and the idea of rocking that on a ship with a few thousand like-minded individuals…

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