Jam Cruise 2006 Roundup

Jam Cruise 2006 looked absolutely amazing from the sidelines, and I’m going to start entertaining the thoughts to make this my first cruise ever.

Check out zzyzx’s photo gallery here, his Jam Cruise Diary on Jambands.com, and his livejournal updates throughout the trip.

Here are some great shots on Flickr by some dude with a pot reference for a handle. :) Aaron at Relix posted his own gallery here.

Here are two great reviews by people newer to this festival: RiverCity Rapids, liveDaily

Yeah, there really is some really good Jam Cruise documentation in there so make sure you take a peek at these photos and reviews. Prebook your cabin for 2007 here.

Update: here’s some more stuff…

Groovetography’s photo gallery
Jefferson Waful’s diary and photos