Jack White vs. the Audience @ the Dead Weather Invite-Only Show

Reports are streaming out that Jack White had a little blow-up at the audience at his invite-only Dead Weather showcase late last week.

Stereogum has the video clip…

According to New York Daily News gossip columnist Frank DiGiacomo, Jack White berated the audience at the Dead Weather’s invite-only show on August 4. … He reportedly yelled, “Fuck you, you hip motherf***ers! Why don’t you rock the f*** out? Maybe I should go grab those free drinks and shove them down your throats!”


After the outburst, which one concertgoer tells us elicited an eye roll from [Mary-Kate] Olsen, the red-hot White stopped the show midset to insult and throw out a guy in the front row who’d been taking photos.

There’s something to this that irks me, but obviously it makes for an entertaining story on more than one level. It immediately reminded me of that Steve Kimock show a while back where he just completely went-off on his audience for chatting it up while he was getting all into his guitar jams, and ever since I’ve had a hard time respecting him as a performer. I judge too harshly, though — everyone has an off night, even Jack White. I just hate the idea of artist entitlement. This entire thing can be summed up by Jack White needing a break, a change of expectations, or a willingness to change his tune for the sake of the audience. Instead, he just screamed at them. Not my style.

Anyone there that wants to comment? @Shaun_White, I’m looking in your direction….