iTunes Posts Tracklist for Phish’s 13th Studio Album ‘Big Boat’

Very late Monday night, iTunes released the entire tracklist for Phish’s 13th studio album ‘Big Boat’ (due 10/7) along with the option to buy the first single “Breath and Burning.” The 13 tracks were listed for less than twenty minutes and already fans are discussing why “Mercury” and “Let’s Go” weren’t included and if “Asshanded” would be a secret bonus track. Here’s the ‘Big Boat’ breakdown:

01. Friends (3:42)
02. Breath and Burning (4:20)
03. Home (6:26)
04. Blaze On (4:20)
05. Tide Turns (4:21)
06. Things People Do (1:54)
07. Waking Up Dead (4:15)
08. Running Out of Time (3:32)
09. No Men in No Man’s Land (4:59)
10. Miss You (7:01)
11. I Always Wanted It this Way (4:29)
12. More (4:22)
13. Petrichor (13:32)

Phish keeps their humor alive as “Blaze On” boasts a track time of 4:20. Despite no “Mercury” or “Steam”, a welcome surprise to many should be the inclusion of the 13-minute composition “Petrichor.” This is from Trey Anastasio’s brief 2014 Symphony Tour. Check out the performance with the LA Philharmonic in September 2014. Also of note is “Home”, a Page McConnell original which was part of a Phish soundcheck earlier this summer in Philadelphia.

It looks like Phish Dry Goods has just posted pre-order info including some limited edition vinyl packages.