It’s no surprise that our little music blog here has covered our fair share of nationally relevant “local” scenes from time to time, with myself living in Chicago for a while then transferring everything out here to San Francisco, along with Whitperson’s personal journey from Chicago to Charlottesville to New York City and beyond; I guess we get around quite a bit in terms of content here on the site, even if we do love Phish a lot more than you think we should.

There have been times I’ve really wished we could focus in on a scene with greater detail, and it’s my honor and privilege to finally announce that we’re putting a talented writer in charge of this mission down in a city that easily supports itself as a nationally recognized music scene — New Orleans, LA. The talented writer is a man that needs little introduction if you read the sites that we read; a long-time contributor to JamBase and a long-time friend of our blog here, Wesley Hodges has established himself as a passionate and knowledgeable addition to the LMB family. He likes tons of stuff I don’t like, and holy hell the man can put some sentences together in ways I’ve never conceptualized past reading on some snarky music blog. He’s going to be an awesome addition to our national coverage efforts, but he’s really going to focus in on what’s great about New Orleans and the live music scene there first and foremost.

Head over to and make sure you tell any of your NOLA friends to check out the site. Also feel free to drop some comments here welcoming Wes to the squad. As always we’re open to suggestions and ideas.

I just bought my flight for Jazz Fest second weekend, also. See you at the fairgrounds late-nights.