In Brief: Jam Cruise Rock the Boat Winner Announced

Jam Cruise just announced their Rock the Boat winner, and it’s a band I’m not familiar with: Papadosio, an progressive electronica act from Athens, Ohio. Here’s the description from the Cloud 9 folks:

Papadosio’s music is all about unexpected combinations. From Rock/House to Jazz/Hop to Dub/Breaks, every song has a unique approach to attaining originality. Long improvisational interludes and vocal harmonies quickly set this group in a new category of mass appeal. With an amplified message of transcendence, unity, and universal understanding, Papadosio’s mission is clear: To combine eclectic musical traditions with modern Electronica to stir the heart and fuel the mind. For more information, visit

Sounds interesting, and I’m definitely looking forward to checking them out on the boat. With any luck, one of their gigs will be scheduled during the just-announced second night theme: Future Jam!

If you’re still considering hopping on the boat and joining us and the rest of the extended cruiser family come January, don’t delay in booking your cabin; it looks like there’s less than 50 of them left!