This year must be an interesting one if you’ve been following the work of the String Cheese Incident. I, myself, have never been the hugest fan and I tried my hardest to let this music inspire me when I was discovering the other making waves in the scene. But to some, this band is headier and more listenable than any of the other acts that I tend to call my . To each their own, I guess.

always had a more bluegrass style and I actually liked their rhythm section crossovers into the world of untz (read: ), and to be honest, I really have no clue how their shows have been since they originally split and returned to play other shows like last year. The band returns to this weekend for a three night run, and fans that didn’t get tickets will be able to buy a pass to see the show courtesy of iClips.

has teamed up with to broadcast every show in 2010. Broadcasts are available for $7.99 per show, or bundle your purchases: $15 for all three shows, $20 for 3 nights at Horning’s Hideout (including of other acts on the bill), $10 for both shows. Also, choose a $45 all access pass for every show in 2010, $60 premium all access which includes every show and one show poster, or $100 super premium all access which includes every show plus signed posters from each venue.

Gotta love the . They’re making it easy to see shows and webcasts to events that we’re all forced to miss from time to time. Anyone going to pony up the money to buy the concerts and watch at Red Rocks from home? You can buy the entire eight-pack of shows today for $20 using code “desertdawn” – so the fans that can’t make it really don’t have a proper excuse to miss these shows.

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