From what I’ve heard of Electron, one of your favorite Disco Biscuits / Brothers Past side projects, I likey. It’s obviously all very electronica in its own right, and I’m not familiar with anything else about them other than that. They’re busy at work getting ready to put out their new release, This is Electron.

Read the full st the scoop from Phantasy Bisco (thanks Habeef!) after the jump…

Straight from the source…

Aron, Marc, Tommy, and Joe have been tirelessly working to bring you guys a nice sampling of what Electron is all about. To be released in very limited quantities at the BB Kings and TLA shows next week is their first offering, “THIS IS ELECTRON”. We have a list over here of the first 100 people who bought BB’s tickets on BiscoTx, and those people will receive a free copy of the disc at the door. After that we will be selling the disc, which offers a potpourri of eight Biscuits’, BP, and Electron originals, for a ridiculous price of $8 each. That’s a dollar a track, folks. The disc is expected to sell out at the shows, and after that, it will be available as a download or as a CD from the great people at DiscLogic.

The track listing is as follows:

Rock Candy (12:08)
Long Walk (5:55)
The Bends (3:42)
Factory (9:27)
Simple Gift OF Man (8:02)
Pitfall (10:10) >>>
Home Again (10:53)
Charm (6:18)

We are very excited for these shows and hope to see you there!!!