I Told You So

You thought I was lying when I said ’s background dancer was annoying and distracting, but I wasn’t.
Photo © Rolling Stone

Written by Justin Ward

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  1. i think this dancing guy could have worked if the rest of the package was done right. unfortunately, because of the problems with the sound and general confusion amongst the roadies, this dancing dude just added to the chaos that was occuring onstage. i was hoping to see a more organic performance – something stripped down and raw allowing beck’s music to speak for itself. instead, his music was lost somewhere between the feedback, confusion and chaotic writhing of said dancing guy. actually, the best part of the show was when everyone else on stage took a break, sat down at a “dinner table” on stage while beck played some solo acoustic stuff. the band worked their way back into the set by playing beats with their silverware and plates while still seated at the table on stage. very clever.

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