I’d like to have a t-shirt with “Hump Day Links” on it. That’d be tight.

Kanye West is coming through Normal, IL to play the Redbird Arena, the first major event organized by Illinois State University since Phish rolled through on October 4, 1999. Per Jon Langenstein (Phish security), this show was within the Top 3 of the “Banned venues that Phish can’t play” list. Number one? Red Rocks. Yoiyoi!

The Raconteurs have revealed the tracklisting for their May 16 release, Broken Boy Soldiers.

IndieBayArea.com profiles Matisyahu and follows the typical formula for such–every article begins with, “yes, a Hasidic Jew reggae-beatboxin’ superstar.”
Please, someone put the master Rahzel (from The Roots) and Bay Area beatboxing champ Radioactive on the same stage with Matisyahu.

The Camp Bisco DVD due from the Disco Biscuits has been delayed due to a late-showing video glitch.

In Ben Harper roundup, his new album (two weeks away) is getting some great hype. On his website, there are two clips worth checking out and Glide Magazine has an exclusive interview with Harper on the latest album and his process.

Download some live Hot Buttered Rum at Glide, or download the epic Adam Gromfin’s Wedding show here. =]

The Onion’s AV Club profiles the Top 10 SNL music performances from over the years.
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If you haven’t seen this yet, you don’t know what a blog is and you don’t read them.

Sonic Youth and the Flaming Lips are going out on the road together this year.