HUM Releases First New Album Since 1998

Champaign, Illinois’ HUM just released a new album called Inlet, their first full length since 1998’s Downward is Heavenward. The band rode a wave in the late 90’s following their You’d Prefer an Astronaut release that went on to influence many today. The new album is now available on Bandcamp and is available for pre-order.

Hum is happy to announce the release of our new album, Inlet. Vinyl (180g double LP), CD, and shirt bundles are available for immediate pre-order here , with all pre-orders including a free digital download.

Head over to the Bandcamp link to check out the album. Vinyl is coming soon.

Vinyl manufacturing has been delayed a bit due to Covid. We are hoping we can ship late Summer. We’ll keep you posted. The band is extremely thankful for the kindness we have received over the years, and we hope everybody is healthy and well!